About Us

About Amazing Decors

Amazing Decors is an indigenous trade mark, which provides a complete solution to all the interior, Exterior and Furnishing needs of Corporate, Residence, Commercial, and Institutional spaces. We strive to execute the best piece of work to offer uncompromising quality for all our clients during the past 15 years and shall continue the same in future.

Our commitment is to offer the finest work for our customers.

Amazing Decors is committed to understand your requirements, exceeds your expectations and building a long term relationship by offering the finest work to our Customers.

Call us or send us an email and our representatives will service you and get you started.

No matter where you live, the size and scale of your project, or whether you prefer classic or contemporary style, Amazing decors in Chennai can help to realize your vision. With over 15 years of experience and an enviable list of clients.

Amazing Decors has dedicated team of interior designers, able to articulate your needs and ideas to create unique, stylish homes, Offices and Institutional Spaces that reflect who you are.


To be number one customer preferred interiors furnishing company with finest service delivered.


To deliver world class interiors products to our customers and satisfy with valued service.

Our Process


Introductory conversation

Our expert designers will take the time with you to outline what it is exactly you need to be achieved and will very quickly be able to use their knowledge of our extensive range of products to help you form a clearer image of what you want at the end, what products can be used and also discuss a time frame and budget with you to make sure everything stays within these parameters.


Site Visit

During a home visit, the designer not only takes accurate measurements of the living space you are looking to improve but also takes into account all the existing features in your home that you wish to preserve so that they can keep the design feeling fluent throughout and ensure what is being added does not clash with anything existing.


Design Presentation

Using the information our designer has gathered throughout steps 1 and 2 they will be able to put together a full, highly detailed and realistic render of your living space including the products you have chosen as if they were already in place, allowing you to see to scale how everything will look before any finalized decisions are made, the one to one scale measurements taken from the render will be what our fitters use later on to make sure the finished article looks exactly as you wished.



You may be happy with the results straight away from step 3 or you make want to adjust the positioning, dimensions or colours of certain products in the design or you may change your mind on a product altogether and wish to see how something else will look in its place, our designers will make these changes until you are 100% happy with how the finished article will look.


Delivery, Installation and Handing over

Once you have finalized your order and it arrives in our warehouse we will arrange a day for our professional fitters to come and install the products in your home / Office for you.